Image Consulting & Styling


We provide training and classes on styling and grooming. Modules on body type, skin care, make-up and accessories, are imparted on every employee in order to develop the image and brand of the company.

Making the right impression starts with matching your outfit with your brand. We provide extensive corporate styling for photo shoots and more, to be used for press releases, company websites, and other marketing collaterals.


Indeed, our designs are based on what looks good on most of the users’ body type, skin colour and job description.

Aside from providing our clients uniform design and production services, we also suggest the proper accessories that will fit a particular ensemble. Accessories such as scarfs, neckties, belts, bags and shoes.



Additionally we offer trainings for front liners to ensure quality with the grooming, makeup and guidelines.This includes Personality Development Training that develops proper grooming regimens and basic hair and makeup tutorials in tune with the type of industry, position and image our clients need. Etiquette Edge Workshop that cover social and business etiquette and workplace do’s and don’ts.


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